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Who we are

We are a brazilian, innovative company and we want to contribute to the growth of your industry.

About us

Our history begins when we got estimulated to study about alarms management in a college research project. We were young students of the computer engineering masters program, and naturally decided to work on a draft for a system that would help us understand the issue. We were talking about the year of 2006, when alarms management was still a less debated and new topic in Brazil until then, and for that we believed the development of a system, even if it was simple, would help us understand the problem.

However, what was meant to be just for personal use, ended up taking a bigger proportion when we presented our initial results to the project managers. We were surprised by the positive receptivity and encouragement to continue developing the solution. After many sleepless nights, meetings, trips and discussions, what would become our first product was born: BR-AlarmExpert. A system capable of extracting several statistical information from industry alarm occurrences.

Since then, the product has grown, evolved, the company was born and we learned a lot about our business. The BR-AlarmExpert has become a great success, implemented in more than 150 industrial units. We realized that we needed to keep innovating and so we took advantage of a large gap in efficient, bold systems and modern architecture to support several industrial activities.

This way, today we develop and provide solutions for industries with similar problemas like data analysis, Business Intelligence, alarms management, data storage, systems integration, among others.

Today we continue with the same young spirit, innovative by essence, with a team of engineers motivated to propose efficient solutions for our customers. I invite you to learn a little more about our products and solutions and maybe let us help make your business prosper even more.


B ecome a software and engineering services provider nationally recognized by the brazilian process industries.


Develop, produce and commercialize software and engineering services to the industrial sector, meeting our clients' needs and contributing for their development.



We are a company who values ethics in all its entirety. We have a strict ethics code and we do not give up on this value under any circumstances.


We are a transparent company whether with our employees or with suppliers or customers. We believe that transparency is one of the ways to create a lasting relationship with everyone.

Appreciation of the human being

We believe it is not possible to create good services without making those envolved feeling valued.


We have innovation in our essence and take it as a major differential.


We seek excellence in our products and services and we do not compromise on quality.


We work with a small and focused team, strictly following agile development concepts.

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