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Complete solution for alarms management

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Manage alarms in a quick, complete, and simple way

Meet BR-AlarmExpert, a complete alarms management system from Petrobras now available to help your industry on how to manage it.

The BR-AlarmExpert is a complete solution for industrial alarms management. Compatible with ISA SP 18.2 e EEMUA Nº191 norms, makes easier to manage alarms, leading to a more stable plant, less likely to stop. The system allows you to follow and create several performance indicators in real time follow-ups.

It has all documentation in Portuguese and it is adaptable to the most diverse industrial realities. BR-AlarmExpert has been tested and approved by more than 150 industrial units in its eight years of history. BR-AlarmExpert is the right choice for anyone who wants to better manage alarms to make processes even safer.


With BR-AlarmExpert your process is even safer!

Downtime reduction

Improves the quality of alarms leading to a better understanding of the abnormaliy, reducing the risk of unscheduled downtime.

Reliability increase

Failure identification in alarms configurations, reducing fake alarms.

Improves attention of operators

The operators starts to have adequate workload and perceive greater value in the alarm system

Improves process understanding

Mining on and system events allowing a better understanding of the plant operation and its automatic and manual events


  • Web system
  • Compatible with EEMUA 191, ISA 18.2 e N-2900.
  • No automation system provider needed. Centralize alarm data from different systems, compare and share
  • Flexible system. Set the system the way you like with the information you need, and the format you desire, with just a few clicks.
  • Generate your own reports, dashboards, organize your results tables, change names.
  • Works with the main browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Safari).
  • Access from any device, be it tablets, smartphones or PCs.

Some funcionalities

  • Complete alarm analysis module. Over 50 different alarm reporting options.
  • Complete event analysis module. Mine data from events to improve the understanding about the plant operation.
  • Authentication via domain (LDAP). Integrate with your domain system users.
  • PDF reports to be sent automatically by e-mail.
  • Allows to mine data from events for a better understanding of the process operation.
  • Export data to the Microsoft Excel® or your favorite spreadsheet editor.
  • Export graphics in vetorial (SVG) or bitmap format (PNG).
  • Complete permission control of system data and functionality.

Main Funcionalities


BR-AlarmExpert is a fully web-based system compatible with mobile devices. It has a modern data collection architecture with redundancy, making the system very robust.


BR-AlarmExpert has communication drivers with the most diverse automation systems. In addition to specific drivers, BR-AlarmExpert has connectors via OPC A&E for collecting alarms and events in real time.


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